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On Art, Fashion, and What It Can Mean to Be Asian American

These essays are a meditation on art, fashion, and what it can mean to be Asian American, and a love letter to family and friends.

8 Page-Turning Books With Short Chapters To Keep You Hooked

Eight excellent books that have short chapters.

Books About Disability Are Popular Banning Targets: Book Censorship News, July 12, 2024

It's Disability Pride Month and while there's much to celebrate, there's much to be worried about, including bans on disability-themed books.

12 Book Club Picks For July 2024, From Reese’s Book Club to Roxane Gay’s

Your monthly book club roundup is here! Whether you participate or not, this will help you build a fabulous TBR.

Best Narrative Nonfiction for Your Summer Reading Pile

Narrative nonfiction tells true stories with the tools of fiction writing. Dive on in!

Why Would a Private University Be Leased Public Library Space? Retaliation.

The same month he demanded removal of a Pride display and demanded staff silence, a county exec leased public space to a private university.

Who Needs Sleep? 11 Books That’ll Keep You Up Reading All Night Long

Show your circadian rhythm no respect with these 11 books that'll keep you up reading all night long!

Small-Town Horror Books Full of the Best Small-Town Scares

Small-town horror can feel stifling, claustrophobic, and helpless — and here are some of the best recent examples of the genre.

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